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Getting Oolong At Alfred’s Tea Room

FRIDAY, JULY 15, 2016

alfreds tea room

Another one of my summer adventures took place in LA, at Alfred’s Tea Room, which just so happens to be on Alfred Street in West Hollywood. Basically, I convinced my four closest friends to pick me up from home and then take me on an LA adventure. I had heard about this place on Instagram and had been wanting to try it out, as at the time it was a relatively new place. Also, I just missed my friends, since they were living about an hour away from me all summer. They stopped by my house, and then we hit the road.

alfreds tea roomalfreds tea room

Street parking was surprisingly not too hard to find, and Alfred’s Tea Room wasn’t too busy either. It was a very small, but very pink, feminine, and cute little cafe-type place. They had a wide variety of tea drinks, obviously, but also little trinkets, mugs, and things of that sort available for purchase. After much debate, we finally all decided on what drinks we wanted to try. They were giving out little samples which was cool, since most drink places don’t do that. Eventually, I decided on some sort of fizzy strawberry tea drink (I can’t remember the name of it now) because it was pretty unique and tasted the best to me out of all the samples we tried.

alfreds tea roomalfreds tea roomalfreds tea room

Next was picture taking time! Everything about this place, down to the napkins, was adorable and definitely picture-worthy. Alfred’s Tea Room had a neon sign inside, cute seating, an outdoor sign, and little sayings on their pink walls. They definitely knew how to market themselves and stand out. Not only that, but I guess my friends were pretty adorable, too… Their names are Danielle, Chantel, Courtney, and Bri.

Top: Irene’s Story // Bottoms: Hollister // Shoes: H&M

alfreds tea room

We all agreed that the best saying the tea room had was on their wall outside on the patio and read, “Can’t we all just get oolong!” Get it? Like oolong tea… getting along…?

xo, Rachel

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