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Oahu, Hawaii: Part 3


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Aloha! Here is the third part of my Hawaii Happenings series! While it is on the shorter side, it’s mainly about the best shrimp ever. I mean, that’s what you came here to read about isn’t it? Well, whether that’s true or not, I’m going to start off with some fun facts about Oahu, Hawaii.

  1. The hang loose sign (aka the shaka sign) was made popular on the north shore of Oahu in Laie. It was a unique greeting originating from a famous local leader, Hamana Kalilii, who lost three fingers from his right hand in an industrial accident. When he waved at somebody, it looked like the shaka sign.
  2. Iolani Palace, located in downtown Honolulu, is the only Royal Palace in the United States. It had the first telephone system in Honolulu and was the first palace in the world to install flush-able toilets.
  3. Hawaii is the only state that is continually growing. This is due to volcanic activity that flows into the ocean, cools, and forms new land.
  4. Honolulu is the largest remote major city in the world. It is about 1,500 miles long and would span from Los Angeles, California to Denver, Colorado.
  5. Oahu is home to Giovanni’s Shrimp Truck, which started operating out of a converted 1953 bread truck with just a few recipes for great shrimp. Parked on Kamehameha Highway, Giovanni’s became such a part of the community that they purchased the land they were parked on and built a pavilion, so patrons and visitors could enjoy the shrimp, weather, and each other.

So, if you haven’t figured it out yet, this post is all about my trip to Giovanni’s Shrimp Truck on one gloomy afternoon day in Kahuku! And yes, it really does have the best shrimp you’ve ever tasted.

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If you didn’t know this, I am truly a lover of seafood, especially shrimp. As I’ve always loved shrimp, I couldn’t be more excited to go to Giovanni’s, home of the best garlic shrimp on the entire island of Oahu (in my opinion). The drive to the truck was kind of long from my grandma’s house, but let me tell you that it was well worth it. When we did arrive, the line to order was a little long, so my mom went to get some grilled corn and I went to sign the infamous white truck while we waited. Originally, my aunt suggested that we share a plate of shrimp, but after a couple of raised eyebrows from my mom and me, it was decided that we definitely all needed our own. Good thing we decided to do that, too!

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We ended up ordering three plates of the Shrimp Scampi (one plate for each of us), described on their menu as “a dozen shrimp marinated in olive oil, fresh chopped garlic, and lemon butter, served with two scoops of rice all drizzled with garlic lemon butter and caramelized chunks of tasty garlic.” Sounds like an absolute dream, doesn’t it? I honestly couldn’t peel my shrimp fast enough once they came out of the truck hot and ready and smothered in lemony garlic sauce. And while there really are no words to describe how good the shrimp was or how fast I devoured it, I can tell you how much I loved the authenticity of this place. From the signed truck to the paper plates to the relaxed vibes, it really just goes to show how amazing and homey of a place Hawaii can really be.

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After we finished up at Giovanni’s, we made a quick stop at Pounders Restaurant to pick up some desserts before heading to my cousin’s house nearby. We’d never been to her house before and she lived literally right on the beach with her husband and daughter. We parked in her outside garage, which was only a foot away from the sand, and then walked up some stairs to a small apartment with only a few rooms. And while it was a tiny place, it had a gorgeous view of the ocean that was barely feet away from her house and made up the entire backyard (if you can call the ocean your backyard). The place also had a large balcony with a cute seating area where we hung out, talked, and listened to the waves. My cousin said that she was so used to constantly hearing the waves outside that she would wonder why everyone else’s house was always so quiet… Overall, it was a pretty wonderful day. What more can one ask for than delicious shrimp and a seat by the crashing Hawaiian waves?

xo, Rachel

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