Third Annual Pumpkin Festival


pumpkin festival 2016pumpkin festival 2016

So… I know October is long gone, but who doesn’t love an old fashioned trip to the pumpkin patch? In this case, it was actually my college’s annual Pumpkin Festival, as my university is known for its agriculture. I’ve gone every year since I started attending Cal Poly Pomona, and I still get super excited to go every time! My friends and I entered the endless fields of orange with the good intention of embracing the autumn season. However, it was still about 90 degrees that day… Not fall weather at all, but it would have to do as we searched for the best looking pumpkins to take some pictures with.

pumpkin festival 2016

After exploring the pumpkin field, we headed to the Farm Store, which is the place that hosts the Pumpkin Festival and also sells locally grown produce and it’s own homemade orange juice and honey just a little ways off campus. Here, we found all the baby pumpkins! And by that, I just mean the smaller pumpkins that I could actually manage to carry. There were boxes and boxes of them and we searched to find the best ones. In the end, I decided to take home one mini pumpkin that I decorated with a Sharpie, instead of dealing with the mess that carving them would be.

pumpkin festival 2016pumpkin festival 2016pumpkin festival 2016

Lastly, there was an area next to the pumpkin patch that was lined with food and other types of vendors. We walked around a little since it was in the shade, checking out the lemonade stands and people selling flowers. We also stopped to take a few quick photos of my outfit, of course! And no, I wasn’t actually trying to match the pumpkins… It just happened that way. Overall, I’d say it was another successful Pumpkin Festival this year.

Sunglasses: Tag Envy // Top: Forever 21 // Skirt: H&M // Shoes: Public Desire

xo, Rachel

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