A Family Adventure In Long Beach

SUNDAY, MAY 29, 2016

For A Day By The Beach

Hello, friends! Long time, no post. I have A LOT to post about, since I went on many fun adventures this summer. So, hopefully you’ll see me on here more. But, I will start with an adventure from awhile back: Memorial Day weekend. That three-day weekend, I came home to spend it with my family. On that Sunday, my mom, brother, and I decided to go to the Long Beach Museum of Art.

For A Day By The BeachFor A Day By The Beach

Long Beach is a beautiful city and after a 30-minute drive, we ended up at the museum right next to a lovely ocean view. The weather was perfect and the view was even better. After some admiration of the outside scenery, we headed inside and realized that the museum was pretty small. It was still cool, though, and had quite a few interactive art pieces which I posted more about on my Snapchat story. The only good picture I got on my phone was of the vibrant and colorful yarn hanging from the ceiling of the museum. (The other exhibits were either in dark rooms or too large to fit in a picture.)

Sunglasses: Tagenvy // Top+Bottoms: Forever 21 // Shoes: H&M

For A Day By The BeachFor A Day By The Beach

It was fun to take a break from school and just hangout at the museum with my mom and brother. We mostly spent the day taking videos of all the interactive and moving art, and also took selfies with each other to better document our day. After going through all three stories of the museum, we headed back outside. I was delighted with a wonderful view of the museum restaurant’s outdoor patio that also overlooked the ocean. Our next stop was Snow Monster.

For A Day By The BeachFor A Day By The Beach

Snow Monster is a popular little dessert place located in different cities throughout the OC area. It’s also the only reason my mom and I could convince my younger brother to go out and adventure with us that day in the first place… to get a macaron ice cream sandwich, that is. Once we got to Snow Monster, we basically ordered one of each of everything on the menu. My mom got an Oreo-stuffed chocolate chip cookie with Colombian coffee ice cream on top. My brother got the macaron ice cream sandwich he’d been waiting for, with Oreo macarons and vanilla bean ice cream in the middle. Lastly, I got the vegan Thai tea with a cotton candy cloud in a large jar that I got to take home.

For A Day By The Beach

Although the adventure was simple, local, and short, it was really, really nice to spend that time with my mom and brother. It’s rare that we can get my brother away from his video games, so any time I get to spend with him is always a good time… Stay tuned for my summer adventure posts coming up next!

xo, Rachel

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